Top Ten Bruh Moments

A top ten list of all the best Bruh moments. The early days were difficult and not nearly as successful as I would have liked. Of course we would have preferred that he never had the injury, but he was there to try out, so it’s alright. The following is a top ten list of the worst Bruh moments of my life, things that I can’t wait to forget. We don’t want to hear them again. So buckle up and get ready for the worst. This is the most uncomfortable and the most humiliating article I’ve ever written.

10. Being drunk at the airport to go home. I had been on vacation in Vancouver, Canada, and had flown back to St Louis to be with my wife. We had been talking on the phone for quite some time when the phone dropped, and when I picked it up, my husband had just told me he was going to the airport, so I didn’t know where he was going or what he was doing, so I did what you do when you have no idea what is going on, which is to ask for clarification. He told me to ask the flight attendant if the flight was full. She replied that she wasn’t sure, but then he told me that he would pick me up and drive me to the airport.

9. The moment we knew that the children were sick. They had asked us when we would start talking about them in bed with flu. We thought they were just getting over the cold they got while we were away. But when we asked for a day off from work to recover, it wasn’t long before they started to beg for more time. In fact, the children even begged us to take them to Disney World, because they needed to come down with a cold.