Top 10 Action Anime

I’m going to share with you the top 10 action anime that I think will entice your kids and yourself to watch it as well. These are action shows that contain one of the following characteristics: comedy, fantasy, or romance. These shows have been popular for years and their popularity hasn’t decreased much over the past decade. Most of them include what I call the two-dimensional characters, which I know may sound strange since most anime contain characters that are not two dimensional. But you have to know that some of these two-dimensional characters are given more importance than the ones that aren’t given any. Two dimensional characters are usually annoying but fun to watch because they are so realistic.

One of the best good examples is that of Naruto. In this show the characters are not given any real depth but instead they are shallow caricatures. They only have so much personality in these shows, but they make up for it by being effective. One of the best shows that feature two dimensional characters is Death Note. While this show is not as popular as Naruto it does have some of the same characteristics because of its “shallow caricatures”. The reason why the Death Note shows are successful is that they are portrayed realistically and people love to hate them at first but after a while they start to realize that the characters actually have some depth to them.

Another very popular action anime is Full Metal Panic? and its predecessor Project A-ko. These shows have been around for almost a decade and are still popular today. These shows have many similarities to Death Note which is why they are so popular. Another aspect that both of these shows have in common is that of serious and realistic conflict.