How to Build a PC – Build Your Own Computer at Home For Less Than $200

With a new generation of computers on the market that are loaded with a variety of features, it is hard to keep up with all the technical details regarding how to build a PC. Just the same, we are bombarded with flashy ads that promise we can get something for next to nothing if we just buy their products. Don’t be taken in by the hype – the fact is that you really can build your own PC at home for less than $200. There are even a few great products out there that cost a lot less, but they lack the features that you need to build a system that is fast and reliable. What features do you really need? Well, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you have the skills needed to build a computer.

Know your components and understand what each one does. Before you can begin your project, you need to know exactly what parts you will need and what their purpose is. Do you need a motherboard, video card, CPU, RAM, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard, monitors or all of the above? You also need to know what type of power supply you will need. If you plan on installing an operating system, such as Windows, you may want to get a power supply that has enough power to run the system.

The other thing you will need to know is what kind of accessories you will need. For example, you need a motherboard that has room for additional expansion cards, and you will need a CPU that is compatible with the memory you will be installing. You will also need a case that is large enough to house your build. This will be the most difficult part of the project, but once you are ready, the time will fly by.