The Indian Premier League – Underbelly of Sleaze Money

The Indian cricket Match has fired the Imagination of people around the world. For after cricket that was poor sport in relation to golf and soccer is now at par together. That is no doubt because of the Indian cricket match; cricket has become the power house of the game as far as finance is involved.

But all isn’t rosy and underneath the Underbelly black currency and flaunting of international exchange regulations is possibly more the rule than the exception. Some time ago Mahesh Bhat that intelligent Mumbai producer had created’Jannat’ a film using cricket and its nexus with gambling and match fixing because its desktop. The movie pulled out the link between black cricket and money.

‘Jannat’ was only a story, but the sad piece Is it is turning out to be real. The toll has been heavy to begin with. ShashiTharoor that the Junior Minister in the Indian cabinet had to resign last month. Whether he had some significant role to play or was only a front person may not be recognized. Available evidence certainly implies that all is not well with the financial deals of the League ipl live in which channel.

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The things that need to be probed are no More confined to the previous auction at which the Kochi team were the winners, but needs to pay the whole league which is under a cloud of logic. The BCCI has acted and suspended LalitModi as the CEO of the ICL. However, this may not be enough to find out the route of black money from the Gulf into this match.

Cricket in India is much more of a faith and Has a huge following. So when the idea of the IPL has been mooted it was level. More money was expected to flow in and the lgame of cricket had been expected To benefit with greater pay packs for cricketeers in the grass roots level. But the organizers were possibly too naive or careless and permitted slush funds And sleaze money to flow in as a natural corollary.

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